If I Could Do It All Over Again

Jason Magbanua, a well-known wedding videographer here in the Philippines, offered free services to couples who are getting married.  This sent the to-be-wed couples crazy and most them rushed to join the “promo”, even I, who is already married, wanted to join.  I even asked my husband to marry me again just so we would be eligible to join the contest hahaha.  And with this came a thought to me on what my wedding would be like if I were to do it again.  On this post are ideas about improvements on what we actually did while others are totally new. Please also note that this is mostly helpful for brides who live in the South as my take on this mainly operated on the premise of proximity and affordability (well a bit).

​Feel free to get these ideas if you like them or you think they are useful for you.


grabbed from Pinterest

First thing I would change is the venue.  My husband loves the place where we got married, I do too, but for the sake of bringing this imaginary wedding of ours closer to where we reside I would most probably go for Stonecrest Clubhouse_.  This place is in San Pedro Laguna and offers numerous space/rooms perfect for weddings with different themes and size.  They have a Banquet Hall which can hold 150 to 180 guests, a Pool Deck (250-300 persons), a Function Room (80-100 persons), a Field (800-100 persons) and a Covered Court which can accommodate 500 to 900 persons.  Though I haven’t personally been to this place I have read great reviews and saw great photos of events from this place. I am considering this place for the first birthday of my daughter and I was able to get their rates (2015).  If you want to have an idea regarding their rates feel free to send me an email.


grabbed from the web


an actual wedding in Stone Crest’s field (screen grabbed from @iamgerardfajardo’s Instagram account)

If you are looking for other events place in the South click here.

Next up on my list is to go for a flower cake, with calligraphy letters on it or as a topper.  These specific designs are the in thing right now when it comes to cakes, may it be for a wedding, a birthday or any other special occasions.  There is just something so feminine, so dainty with putting flowers and calligraphy together in a cake.  Suppliers that I have seen and heard (read) of good reviews for these specific cake design are Jeans Cake House and Sugarplum Pastries.


grabbed from Jean’s Cake House’s Facebook page (flowers are edible made with buttercream)


photo grabbed from Sugarplum Pastries Instagram account (@sugarplumpastries)


from Pinterest

And the last thing I would want to change is my wedding dress.  I now have this thing with cropped wedding dresses.  It implies a relax, no fuss vibe (which is how I basically dress up) aside from it being comfortable.  It is also very multi-functional especially if you would go for a lace top and tutu skirt kind of cropped wedding dress.  You will most assuredly be able to wear it again, as it is, or mix and match it with another top and skirt.
Photos below were grabbed from Pinterest:

So there you have my ideas about my “imaginary wedding take two”.  Though there were a few things that I want to change, one thing that remains is that I am still very much in love with the man I married.  Who knows I might be able to use these ideas once hubby and I decide to renew our vows.  Oh wedding planning is just so much fun! I hope all you bride-to-bes are having the time of your lives as you prepare to spend the rest of your life with your chosen one,

​Ciao! 🙂


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